About Saswot Raj Sharma

Born on 1991, Saswot Raj Sharma is a Investment Banker and Management Consultant working on this sector since 2015. Completed his Masters in Business, Masters in Economics and Chartered Accountant degree he is working in Business Advisory and Entrepreneurs Development since 2014.

Started career as a Accountant in one Printing Industry he moved to Tourist Shopping Center to work as Admin and Accounts Person, working there for 6 month then switched to Private Hedge Fund and Investment Company as accountant and admin officer. He then switched to a national level NGO promoting wildlife and natural resource as a Accountant. Slowly moving to project management and administration he also joined in Hotel as a Internal Auditor. He got exposed to more clients and work in that while. He worked in partnership on Engineering Company as a consultant, started a Journal for Entrepreneurship in partnership with 20 professors globally.

Then he started his own venture named as RSTCA which is focused on Management Consulting and Financial Advisory on 2014. Slowly networking with more Bankers and Fund Manager in Nepal and India and Wall Street he started merging and partnering with various Investors globally. He started a venture to promote immigration to Canada as well. He joined one of biggest restaurant chain in Nepal as Financial Head and also started career in Event Management. Starting first Human Resource Summit, Women with Vision and Taxation and Financial Policy Event. Likewise have conducted training to more than 5000 students directly or indirectly through joint venture with Human Resource Firm.

He was then Appointed as CEO for first Private Equity Company in Nepal and worked for fund raising for the project. Along with it he was hired consultant on various companies in Nepal to address financial and management consulting work. After the term he worked as a Corporate Trainer for one year in RSTCA Training and Development giving training to Executives, Chartered Accountants, Investment Bankers, Managers, Entrepreneurs and Investors in various subjects.

He then started working on RSTCA Private Equity from 2017 and have connected to more than 1000 project directly and indirectly in Nepal. After connections in Nepal then he worked in Networking with all major global financial center and entrepreneurs for private equity venture.

With more than 50 running projects and venture along with 20 infrastructure project RSTCA is doing financial advisory and fund management work for various projects. Also it is creating RSTCA Club where there are various entrepreneurs and investors who work together for promotion of venture in Nepal and Globally.

You can connect with him at saswot9999@gmail.com or at LinkedIn